Students to honor 26 outstanding teachers

Each year the Texas Exes give a voice to the students of the university and allow them to choose the best professors and teaching assistants on campus. This year, the students have chosen 26 teachers as the recipients of the Texas Exes Teaching Award.

The 2008 Texas Exes Teaching Awards will be presented Feb. 5 at 6 p.m. at the Etter-Harbin Alumni Center. University President William Powers Jr. and Texas Exes President John Adkins will speak at the event. Each professor will receive a $1,000 award and graduate instructors will receive $500 awards.

"These awards are a way for the Texas Exes to put a spotlight on excellence in the classroom and acknowledge the critical role that faculty play on this campus," said Jim Boon, executive director of the Texas Exes. "Selection by the students make the award that much more meaningful to the recipients."

Since 1982, the Texas Exes have honored from each college and school a faculty member and graduate instructor who have had a positive influence on the educational experience of university students. After accepting nominations from the student body, a committee from each college and school reviews each nomination and selects that school's recipients.

This year's professor honorees are: Christopher Long, Architecture; Lynda Cleveland, Business; Benjamin Steinbauer, Communication; Bonnie Elliott, Education; Constantine Caramanis, Engineering; Mark Goodman, Fine Arts; Randolph Bias, Information; Mark Cloos, Geosciences; Mitchell Berman, Law; Sean Theriault, Liberal Arts; Lorenzo Alvisi, Natural Sciences; Connie Grimes, Nursing; Walter Fast, Pharmacy; Cynthia Osborne, Public Affairs; and Shirley Haulotte, Social Work.

This year's graduate instructors recognized are: Tara Dudley, Architecture; Erik Green, Communication; Moss Evan Shimek, Engineering; Sarah Mosher, Fine Arts; Maggie DeBaldo, Information; Estibalitz Ukar, Geosciences; David Siller, Liberal Arts; Rebecca Symula, Natural Sciences; Justin Tolman, Pharmacy; Michael Meyer, Public Affairs; and, Stephanie Rivaux, Social Work.