Students earn national leadership credentials

Six of the 19 students who earned national leadership credentials. (back row) Marco Estrada, Larry Anazia, Viri Herrera,
Six of the 19 students who earned national leadership credentials. (back row) Marco Estrada, Larry Anazia, Viri Herrera, Pooja Patel (front row) Olivia Igbokwe, Tom Bush.

The Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs and the Office of the Dean of Students announce that 19 students of The University of Texas at Austin have earned national student leader credentials. These certifications are the result of the National Conference of Student Leadership (NCSL) weekend retreat held Jan. 25-27 in Austin. The NCSL sponsors this national retreat to bring student leaders together for a weekend of workshops and networking opportunities. The event, which drew 95 students from across the country, culminates in a certification exam to assess leadership skills and abilities.

The exam tests candidates on their knowledge and skills leading student organizations. Exam topics include managing effective meetings, resolving interpersonal conflicts, launching successful marketing campaigns, and creating an inclusive and diverse environment.

"These student leaders routinely demonstrate their dedication to our campus and to the experience of their fellow students on our campus," says Juan C. Gonzalez, vice president for Student Affairs. "It is not surprising these students have risen to national standards of excellence. They are living examples of the university's motto: 'What starts here changes the world.'"

"The sense of responsibility and initiative found in these students is truly inspiring," says Soncia Reagins-Lilly, senior associate vice president and dean of students. "I am delighted that so many of our student leaders have earned this credential. I would also like to thank the NCSL for their ongoing work to promote the importance of student leadership skills, nationwide."

Students from the university earning this credential are made up of undergraduate members of the University of Texas Leadership Board and Leadership Education and Progress, and graduate assistants from Student Activities and Leadership Development. Students now certified with NCSL credentials are:

Larry Anazia
Matthew Barry
Kayla Bigham
Tom Bush
Arnell Davis
Marco Estrada
Tepera Holman
Brandon Hunter
Olivia Igbowke
Viri Herrera
Kelly Hickman
Meghan Kempf
Margorie McLenan
Chris Ochoa
Zac Padgett
Pooja Patel
Chris Plummer
Kyle Robertson
Rita Thornton