Political science prof in New York Times

Bruce Buchanan, a professor of political science at the University of Texas, said that the state had always been a complicated, counterintuitive place to campaign but that as populations and allegiances shifted more Hispanic voters concentrating in urban areas, for example, reducing their influence in the Rio Grande Valley the regional differences had become even trickier. "Some people have wondered, for example, why Hillary has gone to El Paso, which is 75 percent Hispanic, and not spent more of her time elsewhere," maybe in bigger urban areas trying to fight for votes there, Dr. Buchanan said. "She and her team didn't see it that way, and there's undoubtedly a lot of thinking behind it. There are all kinds of these double feints going on now as they try to outstrategize each other."

New York Times
Pieces of Texas Turn Primary Into a Puzzle
(Feb. 26)