Experts Available for Better Hearing and Speech Month

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) has named May "Better Hearing and Speech Month" to raise awareness about communication disorders. Whether it's a hearing loss, difficulty with swallowing or balance, a disorder such as stuttering or delayed language, or a voice problem, a person's ability to learn and interact with others can be affected.

The following experts in speech and hearing from The University of Texas at Austin are available:

Dr. Lisa Bedore, College of Communication
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Dr. Bedore's research interests are child language and phonological development and disorders with a special interest in Spanish-speaking children.

Dr. Mark Bernstein, College of Communication
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Dr. Bernstein is an expert in techniques for speech development in deaf people, working with parents of hearing impaired children, the use of simultaneous communication and lexical acquisition in children.

Dr. Courtney Byrd, College of Communication
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Dr. Byrd's research focuses on childhood stuttering--its causes and therapies to treat it.

Dr. Craig Champlin, College of Communication
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Dr. Champlin's research focuses on measuring the brain's response to sound, which is critical in diagnosing hearing loss and auditory processing difficulty in children and adults.

Dr. Barbara Davis, College of Communication
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Dr. Davis is an expert in speech acquisition among infants and children, including severe speech delay in children, childhood apraxia of speech and vocal development among infants with cochlear implants.

Dr. Leszek Demkowicz, Cockrell School of Engineering
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Dr. Demkowicz uses software and other tools to study how the ear canal, skull and other structures carry sound waves, to help improve the features of hearing aids and other devices.

Dr. Joyce Harris, College of Communication
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Dr. Harris is an expert is the convergence of language, cognition and aging in normal and communicatively impaired adults.

Dr. Su-Hyun Jin, College of Communication
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Dr. Jin researches speech perception in people with hearing loss, including parts of speech people miss as they lose their hearing.

Dr. Swathi Kiran, College of Communication
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Dr. Kiran's research is focused on treating aphasia (an impairment of the ability to communicate), specifically word naming following a stroke.

Dr. Thomas Marquardt, College of Communication
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Dr. Marquardt's primary research interests are in developmental and acquired apraxia (a neurological disorder characterized by loss of the ability to execute or carry out learned purposeful movements) of speech and differential diagnosis of speech and language disorders subsequent to brain damage.

Dr. Jan Moore, College of Communication
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Dr. Moore studies speech and language development and disorders in children with hearing impairments, with particular emphasis on children with cochlear implants.

Dr. Elizabeth Pena, College of Communication
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Dr. Pena's expertise is in the area of dynamic assessment applied to bilingual (Spanish/English) preschool children. She is developing a language development test for Hispanic children speaking non-standard English.

Dr. Li Sheng, College of Communication
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Dr. Sheng researches child language development and disorders, lexical-semantic processing and organization, and bilingualism. Her projects examine semantic category knowledge in preschoolers, lexical-semantic organization in English-speaking children with specific language impairment and semantic organization in bilingual Mandarin-English and Spanish-English speakers.

Dr. Harvey M. Sussman, College of Communication
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Dr. Sussman studies how language is stored and processed in the brain.

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