Biologist discusses moving species to save them

With climate change increasingly threatening the survival of plants and animals, scientists say it may become necessary to move some species to save them. Dubbed assisted colonization or assisted migration, the idea is to decide how severe the threat is to various species, and if they need help to deal with it. ''When I first brought up this idea some 10 years ago in conservation meetings, most people were horrified,'' said Camille Parmesan, a biology professor at the University of Texas. ''But now, as the reality of global warming sinks in, and species are already becoming endangered and even going extinct because of climate change, I'm seeing a new willingness in the conservation community to at least talk about the possibility of helping out species by moving them around,'' she said. Parmesan discusses the idea in Friday's edition of the journal Science.

The New York Times
Should We Move Species to Save Them?
July 17