Mooov-In 2008 Welcomes Students Arriving at The University of Texas at Austin, Aug. 22-24

New and returning students planning to live on campus during the fall 2008 semester at The University of Texas at Austin will find volunteers waiting to help them move into their residence halls during Mooov-In 2008, a traditional event the weekend before the start of classes on Aug. 27.

Volunteers will work in shifts helping the new arrivals carry suitcases, boxes and other belongings from vehicles and move them into residence halls during Mooov-In 2008, which is offered from Friday, Aug. 22 through Sunday, Aug. 24.

Mooov-In is a tradition of welcoming new and returning university students and establishing "a wonderful sense of community" on campus before the start of classes, said Diane Nguyen, president of the University Residence Hall Association, which sponsors the annual program.

William Powers Jr., president of The University of Texas at Austin, said the traditional event is "a genuinely gracious gesture that helps our new students and their parents gain a positive first impression of our campus."

Mooov-In locations this year will be Jester Center, Kinsolving Dormitory/Whitis/Court/Duren Hall, Simkins Hall, San Jacinto Hall, Brackenridge/Roberts/Prather/Moore-Hill dormitories and Andrews/Blanton/Carothers/Littlefield dormitories.