Suicidal thoughts high among students

A comprehensive study of suicidal thinking among college students found more than half of the 26,000 surveyed had suicidal thoughts at some point. The Web-based survey in spring 2006 used separate samples of undergraduate and graduate students from 70 colleges and universities. Of the 15,010 undergraduates, 55% had ever thought of suicide; 18% seriously considered it; and 8% made an attempt. Among 11,441 graduate students, exactly half had such thoughts; 15% seriously considered it and 6% made an attempt. "Suicidal crises are a common occurrence on college campuses," says Chris Brownson, director of the University of Texas Counseling and Mental Health Center in Austin and one of the study's researchers. "Previous research has indicated the severity of mental health issues on college campuses has been increasing," Brownson says. "When you look at the lifetime prevalence rates, those are alarming statistics."

USA Today
More Than 50% of College Students Felt Suicidal
Aug. 18