Communication dean comments on Obama's recovery plan

President-elect Barack Obama faces a delicate task today as he pitches his economic recovery plan. He must underscore the urgency of the recession without further unsettling the nation's shaky financial system. Obama's primary goal is to convince skeptical members of Congress and the public that the recovery plan, which could cost as much as $775 billion in tax relief and new public spending, is necessary to shore up the weakened economy. Roderick Hart, a specialist on political communication at the University of Texas, said Obama, in speaking so candidly about the economic challenges, and is showing more respect to the public than many of his predecessors. "Above all, we depend on a president to hearten us, to steel us for the battle, to care for the national psyche," Hart said. "His main challenge is to get people to be aware without being completely discouraged."

The Boston Globe

Obama's Challenge: Be Urgent But Hopeful

Jan. 8