Physical Education Expert Wins Top National Award

Physical education expert Dr. Dolly Lambdin has been awarded the Physical Education Teacher Education Honor Award from the National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE), the national authority in physical education and leader in setting the standard for practice in sport and physical activity.

Lambdin is a clinical professor at The University of Texas at Austin in the College of Education's Department of Kinesiology and Health Education. Her experience in physical education includes 16 years as a teacher in public and private schools, kindergarten through eighth grade, and over three decades in teacher preparation at the university level. For many years, Lambdin taught at Austin public schools as well as at the university, splitting her days into mornings with public school children and afternoons with her college students. She has supervised more than 100 student teachers and overseen their work in thousands of public school classes.

Lambdin has been president of the NASPE and was on the writing teams for the Texas Physical Education Essential Knowledge and Skills in Physical Education, the National and Texas State Physical Education Beginning Teacher Standards and National Physical Education Appropriate Practices Guidelines. She has written "Fitness for Life: Middle School" and co-authored "Putting Research to Work in Elementary Physical Education."

"Dr. Dolly Lambdin has devoted her adult life to improving the health of children and helping teachers who have that goal as well," says Dr. John Ivy, chair of the Department of Kinesiology and Health Education. "She has traveled the nation, and been to the Texas state capital, acting as an advocate for research-based physical education standards and adequate physical education time in schools. Many, many teachers around Texas and the nation owe their teaching expertise and enthusiasm for physical education to Dr. Lambdin and her excellent work in teacher preparation."

Lambdin received her master's degree from Columbia University's Teachers College and her doctor of education degree from the University of Massachusetts.

The NASPE chooses one award winner annually from a national field of individuals, programs, associations and government entities, and the award recognizes long-term, exemplary work that has improved and advanced physical education. The NASPE is a non-profit association of 16,000 physical education teachers, coaches, athletic directors, athletic trainers, sport management professionals, researchers and university faculty members who prepare physical activity professionals. The organization works to improve professional practice and increase support for high-quality physical education, sport and physical activity programs through research, development of standards and information sharing.