Opinion piece analyzes UT, A&M bat sound-decoding research

If you had the ears of a bat, what would you hear if you walked into a crowded bat cave? Music, it turns out. The noise would be louder than a rock concert, and it would be "so loud it would blow your ears out," according to a bat lover at Texas AandM University who has been studying the creatures for 13 years. And what would the music be all about? Love, or at least procreation, said Kirsten Bohn, lead author of a study in the current issue of PloS One. Bohn and several other researchers at three institutions, including The University of Texas at Austin, are turning up astounding facts about the only mammal on the planet that is capable of flying.

ABC News

Bats sing louder than a rock band: Much-maligned mammals could help humans treat speech disorders

Sept. 2, 2009