"North by Northwest": The chase across Mount Rushmore

Contact sheet of research photos for North by Northwest taken by Ernest Lehman

The Harry Ransom Center has revealed a slideshow featuring photographs from "North by Northwest" for the new exhibition titled Making Movies.

Alfred Hitchcock directed a string of masterpieces in the 1950s including "Strangers on a Train" (1951), "Rear Window" (1954), "The Man Who Knew Too Much" (1956), "Vertigo" (1958), and "Psycho" (1960). At the height of this remarkable run came "North by Northwest" (1959), a unique marriage of Hitchcock's trademark suspense and humor. Ernest Lehman, well-known in Hollywood for adaptations such as "Sabrina" (1954) and "The King and I" (1956), wrote the screenplay, his only original work and which is widely regarded as his best.

View a slideshow of Lehman's photographs of Mount Rushmore from his research trip. The photographs were developed from previously unstudied negatives found in the Lehman collection.