Inspiring change with Choquette Hamilton

Inspiring change with Choquette Hamilton

As an undergraduate, Choquette Hamilton knocked on President Faulkner's door urging for diversity. "We want change and we need change," Hamilton declared to Faulkner.

Now, with two master degrees and a doctorate degree under way, Hamilton has returned to the university to continue her journey inspiring change.

In her newly appointed role as director of the Multicultural Information Center (MIC), Hamilton helps provide diverse educational opportunities and support services for students who are underrepresented on campus. She also serves as the executive director of Student Diversity Initiatives.

"Because I have seen the personal impact through my own personal experience, I know the power that these students can have," she said.

With the motto "UT works because staff work," Staff Appreciation Week is an opportunity for members of the university community to show appreciation for the hard work and commitment of university staff.

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