School of Architecture Faculty Support Fundraising Campaign

Hosting the only faculty campaign within the campus-wide "Campaign for Texas," the School of Architecture has achieved a 92 percent participation rate among its faculty in six months.

The School of Architecture's campaign, "Designing the Future," with a goal of $21.5 million, is a component of the university's $3 billion fundraising target.

A portion of the $71,600 donated by faculty has been designated to specific programs and endowments and the use of the remaining funds will be determined by faculty.

Rick Archer, chairman of the School of Architecture's campaign and founding principal of Overland Partners, a local award-winning architecture firm, suggested the faculty campaign and chose School of Architecture professors Larry Doll and Terry Kahn to lead the effort.

"The faculty is the life blood of the school and they are all so deeply committed to its mission," said Archer. "The campaign would not have been complete without their involvement. Their leadership in this is natural, given their remarkable leadership at the school."

"Given the fact that we're in a depressed economy and that fewer than 30 percent of faculty in the School of Architecture received salary increases in 2009, the resulting 92 percent participation is quite significant," said Doll. "In reaching such a high participation rate, I believe we can inspire donors to participate in the overall campaign."

The School of Architecture's undergraduate and graduate programs rank fifth in the nation.