There's no business like show business

Alamo Drafthouse founder Tim League.
Alamo Drafthouse founder Tim League.

Go behind the scenes of the film business for insights about the past, present and future of the medium of moving pictures.

Over the course of five weeks, McCombs Today -- the blog for the McCombs School of Business -- presented a video series about the movie industry. The five videos offer perspectives across the spectrum, from historical context to pioneers of the digital frontier.

As they say, there's no business like show business.

Watch videos from the series "The FILM Business":

"Machinima Revolution": Video games and filmmaking collide in the realm of Machinima, an emerging medium dominated by the cult Web series "Red vs. Blue." Series creator Burnie Burns pulls back the curtain for a look inside this brave new world where producers can reach their audiences directly.

"Sustainable Cinema": Nicholas Jayanty of Reversal Films shares insights on threading the needle of art and commerce in the production of the rock documentary "Echotone" and the establishment of the Sustainable Cinema Initiative.

"New Dimensions in Distribution with Jason Brenek" (BBA '94): As senior vice president of distribution channel strategy for Disney, Jason Brenek is leading the cause of changing cinema forever. From immersive 3-D to flexible content access, it's a brave new world of opportunities for producers, distributors and theaters.

"Historical Perspective": Monopoly is the name of the game in the film industry, as University of Texas at Austin film Professor Janet Staiger reflects on the formation and evolution of the movie biz.

"The Social Scene at the Alamo with Tim League"
: Alamo Drafthouse founder Tim League shares his ideas on community involvement, social media and the future of the film industry.

"Silver Screen Entrepreneurs with Gary Hoover": Join business historian and McCombs School of Business Entrepreneur-in-Residence Gary Hoover for a look inside the business of film.