New Television Series to Feature Game-Changing University of Texas Faculty

Professors who are "changing the game" in their fields of study and around the world will be showcased on a new television series produced by The University of Texas at Austin for the Longhorn Network.

Students, alumni and members of the public are invited to the first taping of "Game Changers" at 6 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 29 at CMB Studio 6A in the KLRU-TV studios on campus.

The premiere will feature an interactive presentation by Communication and Business Professor John Daly about the "Politics of Ideas." He will examine how good ideas can be put into place and why some ideas never make it that far. In an era in which big ideas in technology, communication and business can alter the landscape of society, Daly's research helps explain why some ideas thrive and other fizzle.

"It's not enough to come up with a brilliant idea," says Daly, an award-winning teacher whose research focus on advocacy and influence, interpersonal communication and organizational behavior. "You also need to galvanize support through effective advocacy. History is replete with examples of brilliant ideas not being implemented because the organization's decision makers didn't buy into them."

The episode will air on the Longhorn Network in October.

"Game Changers" is the first full-length program on the Longhorn Network that is dedicated to The University of Texas at Austin's academic excellence. Three episodes will be produced this fall, including one featuring History Professor H.W. Brands.

"Game Changers is a unique opportunity to bring UT's intellectual talent beyond the classroom," says Kathleen Mabley, the university's director of brand initiatives. "It allows students, alumni and the community to benefit from lifelong learning offered by The University of Texas at Austin and brings our world class teaching and research front and center."