Law students take Pro Bono Pledge

Students and faculty members from the university's School of Law and the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs traveled across the U.S.-Mexico border region to volunteer on a range of law-related projects and assist underserved communities. The trip was organized by the Law School's Pro Bono Program, which engages law students in social justice work.

In this audio slideshow, Tina Fernandez, director of the Law School's Pro Bono Program, describes the work students did recently in Texas colonias to a backdrop of recent images. Colonias are unincorporated subdivisions created by developers for low-income individuals and are often characterized by a lack of basic services. Students met face-to-face with clients to assist with legal issues and applied lessons learned in the classroom to real life, said Fernandez.

Photography by Stephanie Swope/University of Texas School of Law