Z Machine

For the past few years astronomer Don Winget has been using the Z Machine, the world's largest x-ray generator, to create white dwarf "star stuff" here on earth. When he put a photograph of the Z Machine up on the projector, in his Astronomy 301 course, it inspired fine arts student Leah Flippen to begin a painting of the same name. In this video Winget and Flippen talk about the machine, the painting, and the interplay between science and art.

Sandia National Laboratories is considering buying the painting, to be hung right outside the actual machine.

Music: Johannes Brahms, String Sextet I Op. 18 B flat - "Andante ma moderato." Live at the Ratner Museum, March 22, 2005. Sally McLain, violin, David Teie, cello, Carl Banner, piano. Washington Musica Viva. Creative Commons license. The OO-Ray, "Silhouettes." Creative Commons license.