Jobby John: Expanding a Grandfather's Legacy

If Jobby John isn't starting a new outreach program, he's volunteering in an existing one. If he's not bringing health care to the underserved, he's bringing it to the elderly.

My grandfather had such an impact on people in his community. I saw that growing up, and I basically wanted to be like him." 

While serving as president of the Pharmacy Council, a student government organization, John helped advance Project Collaborate, in which students from pharmacy, nursing and social work come together to provide health screenings to thousands of people in the Austin area and around the state who can't regularly afford them.

Then he started a program "Know Your Medicine" that takes pharmacy students into nursing homes and assisted living centers where they inventory residents' medications to help ensure that doses are clear and medicines aren't conflicting. Two doctors prescribing two diuretics? Not a good idea.

Next, the pharmacy doctoral student wants to start a career as an independent pharmacist, a direction inspired by his grandfather, who operated a pharmacy in India.

More than a pharmacy, his grandfather's place was a community hub, where his grandfather dispensed wise counsel as well as medications. John says he carries the example of his grandfather's relationship with his patients.

"I want to be there when they need me the most," he says, "And provide them with the education they need to live healthier lives."

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