Tower Lighting Celebrates Clements Center

Tower Lighting Celebrates Clements Center

The university will celebrate the establishment of the Clements Center for History, Strategy and Statecraft tonight, Thursday, Nov. 21, with a burnt orange Tower lighting.

Named for one of Texas' most distinguished public servants, former Governor William P. Clements Jr., the new Clements Center will put the university at the forefront of the effort to study, teach and understand history, particularly as it relates to issues of American national security and foreign policy.

William P. Clements Jr.

Governor Clements saw an understanding of history as a central tenet of wise decision-making during his time in public office, especially during his service as acting and deputy secretary of defense (1973-1977). He helped develop multiple important weapons systems, and mentored a generation of national security officials. Governor Clements was an avid reader of history and left a distinguished legacy of bipartisan service to his state and nation. The Clements Center will be a living legacy of the principles that guided his able leadership over our state and our systems of national defense.

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