Be a Longhorn for a Day at Explore UT

Explore UT begins with thousands of school children from across the state stepping from buses to visit the biggest open house in Texas. The day ends several hours later with many of those children coming together to form a giant map of Texas for the class photo.

In between on Saturday, March 1, the expected 50,000 visitors can dig into more than 400 free activities in six realms of discovery on the university's campus:

  • Arts Adventures Embrace a culture of innovation found in the arts, architecture and communication.
  • Cultural Crossroads Harness the creativity and critical thinking found in business, information, education and the liberal arts.
  • Engineering Expeditions Chart a journey to solve global problems, expand knowledge and improve lives.
  • Public Service Passageway Learn how your world is enriched through the law, social work and public service.
  • Science Safari Experience new technologies in the sciences, and see the innovative fun in pharmacy, nursing, geosciences and more.
  • Longhorn Trail Discover our Longhorn community, and see firsthand the many ways The University of Texas at Austin is changing the world.

Activities will give students an opportunity to design and create paper flying machines, learn about robotics and automation, create a magazine cover and learn how tiny worms are helping to solve mysteries of Alzheimer's disease and Down syndrome.

For a complete schedule of activitieswhere to park and how to get around, visit the Explore UT website.