Opinions: Texas Perspectives

Addressing Fear Must Be Part of Democrats’ Game Plan

July 28, 2016
Political Parties

The Democratic Party must offer a clearer vision of the policies they’ll support in order to keep the country safe and address people’s fears.

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The Problem with Food Subsidy in the Farm Bill

July 27, 2016
Grocery Store

There’s something new to worry about in your food - Federal subsidy. There’s a connection between the Farm Bill’s primary farming and food-deprived beneficiaries.

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Precision Medicine’s Best Seen Through Wider Focus on Health

July 25, 2016

President Barack Obama’s recently announced Precision Medicine Initiative has opened an exciting window onto the role of data in the 21st century health system.

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Road to Green is Not Always a Federal Highway

July 22, 2016
Natural Gas Drilling

State regulators and policymakers have more experience, expertise and local knowledge than the federal government does.

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Republicans Have a Moral Obligation to Oppose Trump

July 20, 2016
Republican VS Democrat

The Republican National Convention will be a fateful test of whether we have learned anything from the history of the previous century.

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