Topic: African Americans

Change Police Training Tactics to Stop Shootings

July 11, 2016
Police Riot

Police training not only should focus on de-escalation of conflict, but also the reprogramming of the automatic fear response.

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Muhammad Ali Helped Make Black Power into a Political Brand

June 8, 2016
Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali broke the mold introducing a new brand of masculinity, more humorous and more vulnerable than anything the world had seen before.

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Is Snoop Dogg Really Wrong on the “Roots” Remake? Maybe Not

June 7, 2016

At the same time when we need popular representations of enslavement, we also need different kinds of stories about African American history in general.

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There is No Justice for Black Girls in America

May 18, 2016

This week is the anniversary of the death of a 7-year-old black girl named Aiyana Stanley-Jones. The loss of this girl is heartbreaking. It’s also a sickening comment on the state of black girlhood in America.

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Split Verdict in Holtzclaw Trial is a Travesty and Dangerous

Dec. 14, 2015
Law Books

Getting a conviction on 18 out of 36 charges against former Oklahoma City Police Officer Daniel Holtzclaw does not mean justice was served. Black women deserve far more than the fraught, partial justice awarded here.

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