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On Challenger Anniversary, We Need to Remember Lessons

Feb. 1, 2016
Moon Landing

Challenger and Columbia loom large in our memories. But NASA is not the only organization to forget what it learns from failures.

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Op-Ed: Give the Gift of Financial Security for the Holidays

Dec. 2, 2015

The idea that Christmas is about overspending because overspending is love is so ubiquitous we barely notice it anymore. This holiday season we need to look at spending differently. 

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The Right Questions to Ask About Mental Illness and Work

Oct. 7, 2015

The U.S. Department of Transportation recently announced that it will review its security and hiring standards to prevent a tragedy such as the downing of the Germangwings plane by co-pilot Andreas Lubitz at the expense of 150 lives. Let's hope the focus is on the most helpful questions about how the Federal Aviation Administration monitors the mental health of pilots. Those questions must focus on how to incentivize disclosure.

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Name Disclosure in Audits Is Not a Good Idea, But Needed

Aug. 19, 2015
Audit Graphic

When it comes to auditing financial information, under current professional rules, only the name of the auditing firm appears at the bottom of audit reports. But that is about to change. The individual auditor’s name will now be reported. Is the new rule a good thing? Maybe, maybe not.

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Halliburton Partners With McCombs School to Teach Business

Aug. 6, 2015
Halliburton hard hat

Halliburton has donated $1 million to renew support of the Texas Business Foundations Summer Institute at the McCombs School of Business at UT Austin. The grant will fund the Summer Institute through 2020. 

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