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UT Austin Wins State Grants for Cancer Drug Research

May 19, 2016
Kevin Dalby

Dr. Kevin Dalby has received an almost $5 million grant from the Cancer Prevention and Resarch Institute of Texas.

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Cancer Agency Supports Top Molecular Bioscientist to UT

Feb. 19, 2016

A Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas award will underwrite the hire of a leading cancer researcher to serve as chair of the Department of Molecular Biosciences. 

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Scientists Find Leukemia’s Surroundings Key to its Growth

Feb. 10, 2016
T-ALL cells interact with cancer-promoting cells nearby

Researchers have discovered that a type of cancer found primarily in children can grow only when signaled to do so by other nearby cells that are noncancerous. 

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We Should Do More When it Comes to Breast Cancer

Oct. 15, 2015
Breast Cancer Survivors

One of the most debilitating side effects many breast cancer survivors experience is cognitive impairment, often referred to as “chemobrain” and attributed to the mental fogginess from chemotherapy. It’s time for all of us — especially employers and health care providers — to acknowledge that cognitive impairment is as real and potentially devastating as any other symptom or side effect. And it’s time for supervisors to make reasonable accommodations, as mandated by federal legislation.

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LIVESTRONG Foundation Gift to Dell Medical School Allows UT Austin to Surpass $3 Billion Campaign Goal

Aug. 19, 2014

With a $50 million gift from the LIVESTRONG Foundation to the Dell Medical School, The University of Texas at Austin has exceeded its goal of raising $3 billion during the eight-year Campaign for Texas.

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