Topic: Candidates

Republicans Have a Moral Obligation to Oppose Trump

July 20, 2016
Republican VS Democrat

The Republican National Convention will be a fateful test of whether we have learned anything from the history of the previous century.

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Religious Ideologies Should Not Be Used as a Campaign Tool

July 19, 2016

The battles over the dominant religious ideology are being waged within and across faith traditions.

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The Problem With a One-Party State Government in Texas

July 15, 2016
State Capitol

No matter your political preferences, the reality in our one-party state government is that we’re not debating serious differences.

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How Not to Wage War Against Jihadism

July 1, 2016

Americans face a choice between two candidates, and two political movements, that are incompetent, unserious and dangerously ill-prepared to face terrorism.

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Alexander Hamilton Has Relevance in Today’s Politics

May 13, 2016
The Musical Hamiliton

All Republicans upset about Donald Trump’s hostile takeover of their party and, more ominously, the prospect of his becoming president, should be asking themselves “what would Hamilton do?”

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