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In Energy Politics, Simple Wins, But Simple is Usually Wrong

April 18, 2016
Natural Gas Drilling

Some politicians are calling for a nationwide ban on fracking. That is not what we should do and it would almost certainly be bad for health and the environment because of two reasons.

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CEO Success Does Not Predict Success as President

April 8, 2016
Donald Trump

Trump’s apparent failure to recognize the difference between business plans and government macroeconomic policies should make us all doubt his ability to perform well as America’s president.

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Candidates Need to Read This

March 4, 2016
Money over Mouth

Any of our political candidates who think the answer is simply tax cuts or elimination of “waste, fraud and abuse” should acknowledge “Grimm’s Fairy Tales” as their book of choice.

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John Nance Garner’s Continuing Relevance in Politics

Feb. 24, 2016
"Cactus Jack"

As the current crop of presidential candidates cajole, charm and hustle for votes, they would do well to study Garner’s timing and strategy in 1932.

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Donald Trump's Bullying and The Psychology Behind It

Feb. 19, 2016
Donald Trump

Denigrating people seems like the last way to get popular, but when you know the social psychology of insults, it becomes easier to explain the Trump phenomenon.

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