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Vaccines Protect Children and So Should Pediatricians

July 14, 2015

The Austin Regional Clinic recently announced that children in the care of its physicians and staff will need to be either vaccinated or in the process of completing vaccinations deemed necessary for public health. This decision may strike some as controversial or harsh. It isn't.

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Authoritarian Parenting Can Affect Latino Children

June 22, 2015
Latino youth

Authoritarian parenting can lead to depression and somatization in young Mexican American and Dominican American children, according to new research from UT Austin’s School of Social Work.

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Tools that Schools Need to Battle Mental Illness in Kids

May 7, 2015
Parents and Teachers Talking

This week, May 3-9, is National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week, and every day, about 20 percent of students entering classrooms across the nation are struggling with mental health challenges. We must give schools more tools to battle mental illness in children.

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Trust the data: Pre-K is good for Texas kids

April 30, 2015
Kindergarten Class

Texas lawmakers should remember that high-quality pre-K is good for children and is a cost-effective policy for the state.

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What You Should Know About Those Apps Your Kids Want to Download

Oct. 9, 2014
What You Should Know About Those Apps Your Kids Want to Download

Gaming apps. Educational apps. Book apps. Parents have lots of categories to choose from when picking apps for kids these days, but none of these categories focuses on what parents should pay attention to most when letting their kids play and learn online: privacy.

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