Topic: College of Liberal Arts

Hormones Influence Unethical Behavior

July 28, 2015

Hormones play a two-part role in encouraging and reinforcing cheating and other unethical behavior, according to research from Harvard University and UT Austin.

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Children are Flexible Social Learners, Study Finds

July 27, 2015
Children Pledging Allegiance

Psychologists at UT Austin found that children flexibly choose when to imitate and when to innovate the behavior of others, demonstrating that children are precocious social learners.

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Obama Will Name UT’s Sandra Black to Council of Economics

July 24, 2015
Sandy Black

President Barack Obama intends to nominate UT Austin economics Professor Sandra E. Black to join the three-member White House Council of Economic Advisers (CEA).

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Study: Very Light Smoking Popular Among Young Adult Women

July 20, 2015
Woman Smoking

“Very light” smoking, defined as five or fewer cigarettes per day, is common among young adult women in the United States, according to researchers at UT Austin.

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Summer With Shakespeare

July 17, 2015
Shakespeare at Winedale 2014 performance of Troilus and Cressida

Ride a roller coaster of love, march toward war or brave the perils of the sea during performances of Shakespeare’s plays at Winedale. A cast of students is spending two months — and 18 hours a day — studying the Bard’s work and bringing the plays to life in performances this summer. 

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