Topic: College of Natural Sciences

Genetic Road Map May Yield Better Cotton

April 20, 2015
Comparison of cotton fibers

A University of Texas at Austin scientist, working with an international research team, has developed the most precise sequence map yet of U.S. cotton and will soon create an even more detailed map for navigating the complex cotton genome, which may lead to an inexpensive version of American cotton.

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Texas-Sized Fashion Show Puts Innovative Designs on Display

April 17, 2015

Fusion, the University of Texas at Austin student fashion show, features designs from 24 senior students in the University Fashion Group with awards given by industry professionals Carla McDonald, Patty Hoffpauir, Sergio Guadarrama, Lance Avery Morgan, Megan Summerville, Linda Asaf and Gail Chovan.

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UT Austin Student Wins Goldwater Scholarship

April 8, 2015

An undergraduate biochemistry major at The University of Texas at Austin, Brendan Chou from Houston, has been awarded a Goldwater scholarship, the premier undergraduate award of its type in mathematics, natural sciences and engineering.

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Love Coffee? Make Sure Your Brew is Sustainable

March 31, 2015
Love Coffee? Make Sure Your Brew is Sustainable

Before you brew that next pot of coffee, see why one UT professor says you should make sure it's shade-grown.

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HIV Not As Infectious Soon After Transmission As Thought

March 17, 2015

People who recently have been infected with HIV may not be as highly infectious as previously believed, a finding that could improve global efforts to prevent HIV transmission and save lives. In particular, the finding bolsters the strategy of treating patients with antiretroviral drugs before the onset of AIDS to prevent transmission.

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