Topic: Ecology Evolution and Behavior

Vertebrates Share Ancient Neural Circuitry for Complex Social Behaviors, Biologists Find

May 31, 2012

Humans, fish and frogs share neural circuits responsible for a diversity of social behavior, from flashy mating displays to aggression and monogamy, that have existed for more than 450 million years, biologists at The University of Texas at Austin found.

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Sodium Channels Evolved Before Animals' Nervous Systems, Research Shows

May 17, 2011

An essential component of animal nervous systems -- sodium channels -- evolved prior to the evolution of those systems, researchers from The University of Texas at Austin have discovered.

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Sleepless Honey Bees Miscommunicate, Too, Research at The University of Texas at Austin Shows

Dec. 13, 2010

In the busy world of a honey bee hive, worker bees need their rest in order to best communicate the location of food to their hive mates, research from The University of Texas at Austin shows.

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New Ant Species Discovered in the Amazon Likely Represents Oldest Living Lineage of Ants

Sept. 16, 2008

A new species of blind, subterranean, predatory ant discovered in the Amazon rainforest by University of Texas at Austin evolutionary biologist Christian Rabeling is likely a descendant of the very first ants to evolve.

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