Topic: Food

Standards for Treating Eating Disorders Need Change

Feb. 29, 2016
Skinny Girl

The Wellstone-Domenici Mental Health Parity Act is a good step, but unfortunately the law leaves it up to each state and insurer to oversee coverage. And Texas lags behind.

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It's Good That Dietary Guidelines Put Spotlight on Sugar

Jan. 15, 2016

A newly released set of federal dietary guidelines has brought a focus on reducing sugar intake. This is a good start, but unfortunately industry groups are already working to muddy this simple message.

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What People Don’t Know About That Holiday Weight Gain

Dec. 22, 2015

Most people are not aware of the potential for lasting effects of holiday weight gain. The temporary weight gain can lead to permanent weight gain.

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We Need to Change our Food System to Eliminate Food Waste

Oct. 13, 2015
Grocery Store

Unfortunately there’s no single solution to the elimination of food waste. If we resist the temptation to toss unappealing vegetable scraps and unwanted animal parts, or learn more about shelf life in our own homes, we can take a small bite out of the egregious amount of food wasted.

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Protect Healthy Dietary Guidelines from Political Meddling

Aug. 17, 2015

Subjecting science to political whims sends a troubling message to those engaged in helping to enhance the health of our population — that political whims, not science, are the driver for what is fed in schools and other government-supported programs. This is wrong.

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