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Venture Labs Competition Global Champion Closes the NASDAQ Stock Market

May 25, 2010

Rob Adams, director of the Venture Labs Investment Competition, formerly Global Moot Corp, at The University of Texas at Austin, and the winners of the 2010 Venture Lab Investment Competition will close the NASDAQ Stock Market on Friday, June 11. Adams will do the honors along with the BiologicsMD team from the University of Arkansas. BiologicsMD won a $135,000 prize package for being named the Venture Lab Investment Competition Global Champion on May 8.

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Global Moot Corp Competition Announces Winner and Repositioning of The Super Bowl of Business Plan Competitions

May 10, 2010

BiologicsMD, a team from the University of Arkansas that is developing a new prescription medicine for the treatment of osteoporosis, has been named the Global Champion in the Global Moot Corp competition.

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