Topic: Government

U.S. Rep. Michael McCaul Visits UT Austin

April 15, 2016

U.S. Rep. Michael McCaul, a Texas Republican who is chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security, spoke with UT Austin students on March 30.

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Environmental Groups in China Benefit from Partners

March 16, 2016
Stephen Reese

Environmental groups working in China benefit from having International partners when advocating for causes to better their work environments and local government. 

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Candidates Need to Read This

March 4, 2016
Money over Mouth

Any of our political candidates who think the answer is simply tax cuts or elimination of “waste, fraud and abuse” should acknowledge “Grimm’s Fairy Tales” as their book of choice.

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Website Permits Global Policy Analysis Across Time and Place

March 1, 2016
U.S. Capitol

As the presidential primaries heat up, political leaders, journalists and students of government can compare politicians’ policy suggestions to public policy around the globe.

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Clinton and Cruz Could Take Texas, Finds UT/TT Poll

Feb. 23, 2016

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton lead their respective competitors in Texas in the run-up to the Super Tuesday nominating contests, according to the latest UT/Texas Tribune Poll.

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