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On This Independence Day, Military Spouses Deserve Respect

July 5, 2016
Flag & Woman

Military spouses have an irksome designation: dependent. They should be viewed differently.

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UT Poll: A Vote for Trump is a Vote Against Clinton

June 27, 2016

Texas voters support Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton, though many describe their choice as a vote against the opposing candidate rather than a vote for their chosen candidate..

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We Need to do More for Military Spouses

May 20, 2016

May is a month that honors our veterans in many different ways. But we still have work to do in how we recognize and support their families. Lawmakers can make a big difference in a few key ways.

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How Texas Could Solve Our Nation’s Transportation Problems

May 16, 2016
Traffic Jam

When it comes to America’s transportation and mobility issues, we need to leverage academia and university research more often. The future of transportation is going to be much more focused.

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Miller’s Rodeo Image Hides Diversity of Texas Agriculture

May 11, 2016
Sid Miller

Miller is for sure the most easily identified Texas Agriculture Commissioner in recent memory, but only in part because of his savvy marketing.

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