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UT Austin Receives $7.6 Million to Study Latino Health

Oct. 18, 2016
Latino Research Initiative

With leadership in place and $7.6 million in grants acquired for research on improving Latino health, the 1-year-old Latino Research Initiative is hitting the ground running at UT Austin.

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Relevance of the Battle of the Alamo is Still Present Today

March 7, 2016
Battle of the Alamo

Yes, Texans remember the Alamo, even if citizens from other parts of the United States do not. What Texans often do not remember is that the martyrs at the Alamo included seven Tejanos of Mexican descent.

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Authoritarian Parenting Can Affect Latino Children

June 22, 2015
Latino youth

Authoritarian parenting can lead to depression and somatization in young Mexican American and Dominican American children, according to new research from UT Austin’s School of Social Work.

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For Men of Color, High Academic Motivation Does Not Bring Academic Success

March 17, 2014

Despite higher levels of engagement in the community college experience from rarely skipping classes to accessing tutoring services more frequently male students of color have lower academic outcomes than White male students who are significantly less engaged, according to a recent University of Texas at Austin report.

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College of Education Awarded Grants to Boost College Engagement and Graduation Rates of Latinos

Aug. 27, 2013

AUSTIN, Texas  The Kresge Foundation and the Greater Texas Foundation have awarded The University of Texas at Austin's Center for Community College Student Engagement (CCCSE) two grants totaling $437,000 to develop strategies for improving Latino student engagement and college completion rates.

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