Topic: Leadership

Women’s History Month Should Celebrate Female Activists More

March 21, 2016
Berta Cáceres

We’ve lost sight of the purpose of Women’s History Month. We need to make sure Women’s History Month is not just about the past, but also the present of women’s activism.

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College Athletes, Non-Athletes Should Learn From Missouri

Nov. 18, 2015
Football Stadium

What we witnessed recently at Missouri was a student-led initiative that evolved into a student-athlete-supported initiative that turned into a coach-endorsed movement. Athletic departments, coaches, athletes and non-athletes across the country would be well-served to take note of what happened at Mizzou. The episode is a case study in off-the-field leadership, something that is needed more in athletic departments across the country.

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Making Meaningful Change Out of the '10-1' System

Nov. 17, 2015
Downtown Austin

A recent report studying public views about the Austin City Council’s move to geographic representation shows that most Austinites are optimistic about a more representative and more inclusive city council. That’s great news, but delivering on that optimism requires collective actions from leaders and residents to seize this moment of opportunity and translate it to a lasting benefit for our city.

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Veterans' Voices Must Be in Policy Debates

Nov. 11, 2015

We do not need to have a veteran in the White House, and there is no reason to believe that someone with military experience is a better leader. But our public discussion of national security, as well as domestic policy, would be greatly enhanced if the real experiences of veterans in Iraq, Afghanistan and other conflicts were given detailed attention.

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Blanton Museum of Art Announces Key Hires

March 29, 2012

The Blanton Museum of Art at The University of Texas at Austin is filling three important vacancies with some of the best and brightest minds in the museum field, strengthening The Blanton's leadership role among university art museums.

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