Topic: Mental health

There is a Mental Health Workforce Shortage in Texas

July 7, 2016
Mental Health

A lot of factors have converged to create this problem. Fortunately, Texas doesn’t need to start from scratch to solve it.

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Texans Deserve More Integrated Health Care

June 28, 2016
Body & Mind = You

We need more health clinics and organizations to practice truly integrated care, from the front intake desk to the CEO suite.

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More Progress Is Needed in Mental Health Care

April 29, 2016
Mental Health

It’s time for a conversation to counteract the charged, uninformed movies, political statements and other cultural touchstones that portray mental illness as a menace.

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University Leads Efforts to Create Suicide Prevention Video

April 21, 2016
Student speaks about warning signs in suicide prevention video.

UT Austin led a statewide task force to create an educational video on suicide prevention available for use by all colleges and universities in Texas.

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Involuntary Outpatient Commitment Should Give Us Pause

March 25, 2016
Mental Health Facility

If lawmakers increase funding for involuntary outpatient commitment, let’s study the outcomes, identify potential racial disparities, and revoke funding if state programs prove ineffective or discriminatory.

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