Topic: Policy

More Progress Is Needed in Mental Health Care

April 29, 2016
Mental Health

It’s time for a conversation to counteract the charged, uninformed movies, political statements and other cultural touchstones that portray mental illness as a menace.

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U.S. Rep. Michael McCaul Visits UT Austin

April 15, 2016

U.S. Rep. Michael McCaul, a Texas Republican who is chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security, spoke with UT Austin students on March 30.

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Texas Must Change How We Learn About Black Lives in Schools

March 2, 2016
Chalk Board

Students only get a glimpse of black people in history, other than when the textbooks talk about slavery or the Civil Rights Movement. It’s time for a change.

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The Way We Sentence Criminals Needs to Change

Sept. 17, 2015

An over-emphasis on risk keeps us on a path of punishment, incapacitation and failure in the business of reducing reoffending. The research indicates that an effective criminal justice system is one that involves assessing risk, but also the situational, physical, behavioral, cognitive and psychiatric problems of offenders. Effective sentencing should be collaborative, involving a variety of relevant experts in assessment and sentencing decisions.

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Protect Healthy Dietary Guidelines from Political Meddling

Aug. 17, 2015

Subjecting science to political whims sends a troubling message to those engaged in helping to enhance the health of our population — that political whims, not science, are the driver for what is fed in schools and other government-supported programs. This is wrong.

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