Topic: Psychology

Train Yourself to Be More Creative

April 29, 2015
Girl washed in color

Psychology and marketing professor and resident creativity guru Art Markman offers practical advice on how anyone can practice creativity.

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Boston Bombing Shows the Power of Familial Ties

April 14, 2015

For many, the recent trial of Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has relit the inevitable question: “How could they?”

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This Semester I'm Working On ... Autism Research

March 9, 2015
This Semester I'm Working On ... Researching Autism and Parental Stress

This new series explores what Longhorns are passionately pursuing during their time on campus. First up, psychology major and student researcher Kassandra Martinez.

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Get Ready to Hear More Ebola Jokes, and That May Not Be a Bad Thing

Oct. 13, 2014
Get Ready to Hear More Ebola Jokes, and That May Not Be a Bad Thing

When we were in Dallas on a recruiting visit last week as word of the first Ebola patient in the United States hit the news, we reacted as many other people did we told jokes.

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Stronger Sexual Impulses, Not Weaker Self-Control, May Explain Why Men Cheat More Than Women, Study Reveals

Sept. 18, 2013

AUSTIN, Texas A recently published study strongly suggests men succumb to sexual temptations more than women for example, cheating on a partner because they experience strong sexual impulses, not because they have weak self-control.

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