Topic: Race

The Black Church Must Confront Its Internal Attackers

July 16, 2015
Church Service

After decades of progress, blacks question how God could allow the race to be thrust back into a fear of being attacked on the street, at the pool or even in church. If the church’s prophetic voice is to provide answers to these questions, its antagonist within the black church must be quieted.

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Is Rachel Dolezal a Tragic Mulatta?

June 23, 2015
Past NAACP Spokane Chapter President

Rachel Dolezal has not been passing as black. She’s been passing as mulatta. Yes, mulatta — a first-generation mixed woman of African descent.

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Improving Race Relations in an Era of Police Brutality

June 18, 2015

For race relations to improve, more white Americans need to have the moral courage to acknowledge systemic racism, and African Americans and other people of color should not automatically assume that the actions of police and white Americans are always motivated by racism.

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Smartphones Help Us Hold Our Public Officials Accountable

June 16, 2015

We’re already used to the idea of “saying something” when we see something unsafe occurring in our midst. Learning to “film something” will only help us build the kind of community that we most desire.  

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Overhaul the Justice System Because the Demand for Justice is Failing Black Women

Dec. 9, 2014
Overhaul the Justice System Because the Demand for Justice is Failing Black Women

When pundits and black leaders bemoaned the irony that a Ferguson grand jury failed to indict Officer Darren Wilson on the same day that slain civil rights activists James Chaney, Andrew Goodman and Michael Schwerner were posthumously awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, few noted another c

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