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Don’t Get Caught Up in the Glamor of the Gap Year

May 9, 2016

There are many reasons some students take a year off, but the bottom line is simple: Don’t get caught up in the glamor of the gap year.

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We Need to Change How We Test Students in Texas

Nov. 9, 2015
Students Taking Tests

Tests in Texas schools, known as the Texas Student Assessment Program, need to change.Tests need to be purposeful and provide substantive, meaningful information to teachers and parents about how to best support their students. Statewide assessments can be part of a reasonable and effective testing framework, but only if they are administered at a level that is in balance with the value they add to student learning.As of late, that has not been the case. But it doesn’t have to be this way.  

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Cellphone Video is the Best Advocate for People

Nov. 6, 2015
Riot Police

When people witness a police incident that seems wrong, video recording from a safe distance and sharing with social networks or apps provides a platform for advocacy for disenfranchised people.

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Time for Us to Follow Spring Valley Student's Example

Nov. 2, 2015
Viral video

Niya Kenny has set a powerful example for the nation. She was arrested for standing up to a school resource officer when he viciously assaulted a fellow Spring Valley High School classmate in South Carolina. The video of the incident has sparked national outrage. We all should be outraged — by this incident and the plight of black girls nationwide.

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Teachers Do Not Need Another Reason to Burn Out

Oct. 9, 2015

Recent news that a gunman killed students and a professor at Umpqua Community College in southwestern Oregon is both shocking and disturbingly familiar in the United States. But aside from the needless violence and the debate about gun control laws, there is another, much less reported consequence of school shootings: teachers unwilling to enter or stay in the profession.

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