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Immigrant Teens Less Likely to Commit Crimes and Use Drugs

Sept. 1, 2015
"The Dream is coming," by Flickr user Justin Valas

Amid concerns that immigrants may pose a threat to American society, a new study from UT Austin shows that immigrant teens are less likely to engage in violent behaviors, crime and drug use than their U.S.-born counterparts.

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Get Ready to See More Social Workers at Private Companies

Aug. 20, 2015
Corporate Social Worker

Social work has evolved from a profession focusing on people living in poverty to one associated with governmental programming to one offering counseling and health-related services in nonprofit and private-practice settings. But now there is a new emerging trend: Social workers are moving into corporate America. This is a good thing and get ready to see more of it.

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Marijuana Use is Down, Disapproval is Up Among Young Teens

July 13, 2015

Since 2002, the proportion of adolescents reporting marijuana use has decreased, and more younger adolescents report strong disapproval of marijuana use initiation.

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Authoritarian Parenting Can Affect Latino Children

June 22, 2015
Latino youth

Authoritarian parenting can lead to depression and somatization in young Mexican American and Dominican American children, according to new research from UT Austin’s School of Social Work.

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New Dual Degree in Social Work and Latin American Studies

Nov. 5, 2014
Mural at the School of Social Work by Raul Valdez, 1996.

AUSTIN, Texas — The School of Social Work and the Teresa Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies (LLILAS) at The University of Texas at Austin are establishing a dual degree program at the graduate level, the first of its kind in the United States.

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