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Cinco de Mayo and The Battle of Puebla Have Relevance Today

May 5, 2016

The tenets of Cinco de Mayo are still upheld today such as advancing the just defense of the homeland and the necessary cause for marginalized and maligned people.

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“Vietnam: Evidence of War" on Display at LBJ Library

March 31, 2016
Walter Cronkite, Vietnam War

The Dolph Briscoe Center for American History presents exhibit with mosaic of materials that speak to how the Vietnam war and its legacy were experienced.

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Relevance of the Battle of the Alamo is Still Present Today

March 7, 2016
Battle of the Alamo

Yes, Texans remember the Alamo, even if citizens from other parts of the United States do not. What Texans often do not remember is that the martyrs at the Alamo included seven Tejanos of Mexican descent.

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Admitting Refugees Will Help Defeat ISIS

Nov. 23, 2015

The United States will continue to prosper and defeat its enemies because it attracts freedom-loving people from around the world. That has been our source of success since Sam Houston came to Texas more than 180 years ago. The good guys have come to America to defeat the bad guys back in their old homes. And the good guys have won.

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The Greatest Patriotic Duty: Address the True Burden of War

May 26, 2015
American Flag

Our wars have never really ended on the date when battlefield hostilities ceased. The costs are always greater than anticipated, and we pay the bills much longer than we expect.

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