Topic: Women

Pay Equality is More Than a Gender Issue

April 14, 2016

Pay equality is not just a gender issue, it is a family issue and a human rights issue. We must adopt policies that allow for pay transparency.

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Women’s History Month Should Celebrate Female Activists More

March 21, 2016
Berta Cáceres

We’ve lost sight of the purpose of Women’s History Month. We need to make sure Women’s History Month is not just about the past, but also the present of women’s activism.

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What Older Women Want: An Actual Female President

March 11, 2016
Hilary Clinton

We have seen the situation get better for women over the years, but not that much better, despite the advanced “waves” of feminism.

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Split Verdict in Holtzclaw Trial is a Travesty and Dangerous

Dec. 14, 2015
Law Books

Getting a conviction on 18 out of 36 charges against former Oklahoma City Police Officer Daniel Holtzclaw does not mean justice was served. Black women deserve far more than the fraught, partial justice awarded here.

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Black Women’s Outrage 60 Years After Rosa Parks

Dec. 1, 2015
Mixed Race Handshake

Across the country black women are beyond tired of being brutalized, oppressed and ignored. And if history and Rosa Parks’ legacy tell us anything, it’s that black women’s outrage is critical because when we get fed up and angry, we get organized, and when that happens, we mobilize the entire black community. That’s what happened 60 years ago. And that’s what needs to continue to happen today.

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