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On the Clearance Rack: The Value of a Working Woman

Sept. 9, 2015
Female Worker

It’s important to remember that we still have much work to do when it comes to equal pay for women and miniorities.Several national and state policies would aid in helping achieve pay equity: paid family leave, increased minimum wage, and high-quality child care for parents of all income levels, among others. On a more cultural level, the value of occupations should rely on both market-based value and social justice value.

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Study Links Heartbeat to Female Libido

June 19, 2015

Sexual dysfunction in women can be linked to low resting heart rate variability, a finding that could help clinicians treat the condition, according to a study by psychologists from UT Austin.

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The voting trends of women

April 6, 2012
Marketing emotion and micro-targeting through political ads

In our latest Elections 2012 video, Government scholar Victoria M. DeFrancesco Soto discusses the issues women are mobilizing around.

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Gender Equity Task Force Report Recommends Creation of Plan to Eliminate Faculty Gender Inequity

Nov. 3, 2008

The Gender Equity Task Force, created by the provost of The University of Texas at Austin in March 2007, has recommended in its report that the university develop and enact a 5-10 year gender equity plan to "reduce or eliminate faculty gender inequity--specifically with respect to hiring, promotion, salaries and governance."

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Children Aware of White Male Monopoly on White House; Youngest Citizens Say Exclusion Due to Voter Prejudice

Oct. 6, 2008

Challenging the idea that children live in a color or gender blind world, a new study from The University of Texas at Austin reveals most elementary-school-age children are aware there has been no female, African-American or Hispanic President of the United States. And, many of the children attribute the lack of representation to discrimination.

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