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University of Texas at Austin Faculty Experts Available to Provide Analysis of Presidential Inauguration, Transition

University of Texas at Austin faculty are available to provide expert perspectives on presidential inaugural and transition issues, including policies, economics, and defense and foreign policy issues.

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University of Texas at Austin faculty are available to provide expert perspectives on presidential inaugural and transition issues, including policies, economics, and defense and foreign policy issues.

The Presidency in Transition

Bruce Buchanan
Professor, Department of Government

Buchanan specializes in presidential and American politics, American institutions, public policy and political behavior. His books include “The Presidential Experience,” “The Citizen’s Presidency,” “Electing A President” and “Presidential Campaign Quality.”

Gretchen Ritter
Professor, Department of Government

Ritter studies the role of gender in American politics, constitutional development and the impact of work-family issues on gender equity. She is the author of “The Constitution as Social Design: Gender and Civic Membership in the American Constitutional Order” and “Goldbugs and Greenbacks: The Antimonopoly Tradition and the Politics of Finance in America.”

African American Response to the Inauguration

Tasha Philpot
Associate Professor, Department of Government

Philpot studies African American politics, public opinion and political behavior, political communication and political parties. Her research examines the consequences of using racial images in political communication. She is the author of “Race, Republicans, and the Return of the Party of Lincoln.”

Bush Family Legacy

Bill Minutaglio
Clinical Professor, School of Journalism

Minutaglio wrote the first biography of George W. Bush and has extensively researched and written about the Bush family legacy, the relationship between George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush and the extended Bush family. For more information, visit http://www.billminutaglio.com/.

Inaugural Addresses

Roderick P. Hart
Director, Annette Strauss Institute for Civic Participation
Dean, College of Communication

Hart is an expert on politics and the mass media and the author of 12 books, the most recent of which is “Political Keywords: Using Language that Uses Us.” He is also the author of DICTION 5.0, a computer program designed to analyze language patterns.

Jürgen K. Streeck
Associate Professor, Department of Communication Studies

Streeck studies human interaction in everyday life. He studies how gestures work as a medium of communication and he is the author of “Gesturecraft.” To learn more, read the feature story Manual Dexterity (http://www.utexas.edu/features/archive/2003/gestures.html).

Economic Policies

James K. Galbraith
Professor, LBJ School of Public Affairs

Galbraith’s new book is “The Predator State: How Conservatives Abandoned the Free Market and Why Liberals Should Too.” He is the author of “Balancing Acts: Technology, Finance and the American Future,” and “Created Unequal: The Crisis in American Pay.”

The U.S Presidency

James M. Lindsay
The Tom Slick Chair for International Affairs and Director, Robert S. Strauss Center for International Security and Law

Lindsay has authored, co-authored or edited more than 15 books and 50 journal articles and book chapters on various aspects of American foreign policy and international relations.

U.S. Foreign Policy
Eugene Gholz
Associate Professor, LBJ School of Public Affairs

An expert on the aerospace and defense industries, Gholz has authored and coauthored numerous articles, book chapters and op-ed columns on innovation, business-government relations, defense management and U.S. foreign military policy.

National Campaign Politics

Paul Stekler
Professor, Department of Radio/Television/Film

Stekler is a nationally recognized documentary filmmaker whose critically praised and award-winning work includes  “Last Man Standing: Politics, Texas Style;” “Vote for Me: Politics in America,” a four-hour PBS special about grassroots electoral politics; two segments of the Eyes on the Prize II series on the history of civil rights; and “Louisiana Boys: Raised on Politics” (broadcast on PBS’s P.O.V. series).

National Security

Admiral Bobby R. Inman, U.S. Navy, (Ret.)
Research Professor, LBJ School of Public Affairs

Inman served in the U.S. Navy from 1951 to 1982, when he retired with the permanent rank of admiral. While on active duty he was director of the National Security Agency and deputy director of Central Intelligence.

Congress and Party Polarization

Sean Theriault
Associate Professor, Department of Government

Theriault researches party polarization in the U.S. Congress and the differences between elected officials’ goals, ideas and attitudes and those of their constituencies. He examines the ethical considerations presented when the viewpoints of constituents and their representatives don’t connect. He is the author of “Party Polarization in Congress.”