Cutting keys with the Lock Shop

Cutting keys with the Lock Shop

The abrasive roar of the pneumatic key tube has become background noise for the locksmiths at the Facilities Services' Lock Shop.

"We take care of about 500,000 locks here on campus," said Cheryl Records, administrative assistant in Facilities Services.

The locks are spread across 156 buildings, and the keys for those locks are cut, stamped and duplicated by Lock Shop employees. But for Todd Yates, locksmith, and Lee Hart, technical trades crew leader, their job is more than just making keys.

"We're the ones who provide the physical security for 156 buildings," Hart said. "The reason we exist, of course, first and foremost, is the students, their safety, and the second reason is the property of The University of Texas at Austin."

Read a transcript of the interview (PDF).

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