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Follow LBJ students blogging about summer internships

Six students from the LBJ School of Public Affairs have been blogging about their summer internships in a new blog called “Thinkers and Doers.”

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Six students from the LBJ School of Public Affairs have been blogging about their summer internships in a new blog called “Thinkers and Doers.”

The blog serves as a window into the work and lives of several students who are striving to be the thinkers and doers of our society. Every two weeks, the bloggers will respond to a question, statement or idea, drawing on their experiences as an intern and their various specializations in an effort to educate readers about the worlds of public affairs and public policy.

The second-year master of public affairs and master of global policy studies students are sharing their experiences interning abroad in a variety of capacities for government agencies, nonprofits and non-government organizations.

Read the most recent post:

Thinkers and Doers blog


Au revoir Paris!
Aug. 12

By Christine Ackerson
Well, my internship at UNEP is coming to an end. After three months in Paris, I am returning home to Texas in a few days to complete the final year of my masters program in Global Policy studies. I have worked on a variety of projects aimed at engaging the private sector to voluntarily adopt more sustainable environmental practices — practices that not only preserve the environment and its resources, but also often benefit the corporate bottom line and public image.

Continue reading Shah’s post in the Thinkers and Doers blog.

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