Scientist Discusses "Put It Back" Process of Carbon Capture

Event: Dr. Tip Meckel will discuss one of the promising but little known options to reduce atmospheric emissions of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO2).

Tip Meckel


Oxidation of carbon stored in fossil fuels -- coal, oil, gas -- has transferred more than 250 billion tons of carbon into the atmosphere since 1800. One method of reducing CO2 emissions is to capture the CO2 from the combustion source before it is released into the atmosphere, and then re-inject it into the subsurface of geologic environments similar to those from which it was extracted. This "put it back" process is known as carbon capture and geologic sequestration.

When: 5:45 p.m., March 1. This event is free and open to the public.

Where: ATandT Conference Center Amphitheater (Room 204), 1900 University Ave.

Background: Dr. Tip Meckel joined the Gulf Coast Carbon Center at the Bureau of Economic Geology in 2006, focusing on geologic characterization, structural geology, monitoring design and pressure evolution for CO2 injections. He directs the research program for the Southeast U.S. Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnership in Cranfield Miss., and leads the Texas research initiative to identify sequestration potential in state offshore lands. Meckel earned his doctor's degree in geology from The University of Texas at Austin in 2003.