Class of 2013: What Starts Here Changes the World (Seriously)

Among the class of 2013 are some big thinkers and doers, people who grabbed their University of Texas experience from Day 1, seeking mentors, conducting research, earning leadership roles, forging connections and making big plans for their next chapters.

Click on the pictures below of Paulina, Rebekah, Leon, Jobby, Damilola, RebaWill and Isaac. These outstanding students (who have racked up some impressive awards and accolades) are not simply defined by their achievements. Rather, they are notable for their courage and determination, their focus and perseverance. These students, like so many of their classmates, are leaving an indelible mark on their alma mater, and we can't wait to follow their next move.

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Paulina Sosa, Philosophy/PsychologyRebekah Scheuerle, Chemical EngineeringLeon Dean, Chemical Engineering Jobby John, PharmacyDamilola Olatayo, NeurobiologyReba Carethers, NursingWill Berdanier, Physics/MathematicsIsaac Gomez, Theatre and Dance/Journalism