Get Straight-Shooting Entrepreneurship Insights from the Pros at UT Austin

So you want to be an entrepreneur?


So you want to be an entrepreneur? Great, but don't expect a normal 9-5 lifestyle. Or a steady source of income. Or even for your original idea to make it through the start-up testing ground before morphing into something completely different.

Do yourself a favor and pivot toward this playlist of three UT Expert videos exploring the common mistakes of entrepreneurs, the importance of team building and what to prepare for when launching a new venture.

Videos by Thomas Humphreys and Chad Schneider
Chart illustrating UT Austin's entrepreneurial ecosystem

UT Austin has a vast entrepreneurial ecosystem. Click the image to enlarge and see how entrepreneurship thrives across campus.
Illustration by Matt Mower


The Texas entrepreneurial spirit lives all over campus at UT Austin, where any student can turn a bright idea into reality.

Graphic for Eyes on Innovation series

This story is part of our "Eyes on Innovation" series, which explores UT's world-changing ideas, fascinating discoveries and new ways of doing things.