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5 Tweets That Tell You What You Need to Know About the Asteroid That Killed the Dinosaurs

66 million years ago, a giant asterioid slammed into Earth and wiped out the dinosaurs. These five tweets sum up the latest research from the impact crater in Mexico.

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66 million years ago a giant asteroid hit the Earth creating a crater bigger than Hawaii. The impact wiped out all nonavian dinosaurs and most life on the planet. Researchers from The University of Texas at Austin and Imperial College London have drilled into the impact site off the coast of Mexico. What they found is telling us about how huge impacts like this help shape planets and possibly even provide habitat for the origins of life.

Here are 5 tweets that tell you what you need to know about the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs.

1. The asteroid that killed the dinosaurs may have punctured the Earth’s crust.

2. It’s hard to imagine a mountain bigger than Everest being made and removed in minutes.

3. The asteroid that helped wipe out the dinosaurs left a nasty scar on planet.

4. Core from the impact reveals how enormous craters form.

5. The crater that doomed the dinosaurs could have also sheltered new life.