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VIDEO: COVID-19 Vaccines: Myth vs. Fact

Dr. Ana Avalos, assistant professor of Pediatrics at Dell Medical School, reviews myths and facts about currently approved COVID-19 vaccines

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Assistant professor of Pediatrics at Dell Medical School Dr. Ana Avalos debunks misconceptions surrounding the currently approved COVID-19 vaccines in the United States.

Myth 1: The COVID-19 vaccine is actually going to cause the disease.

Fact: The vaccine cannot make you sick because it does not carry the live virus. It simply teaches your immune system how to recognize and defend against the virus.

Myth 2: The COVID-19 vaccine will enable me to test positive in a COVID-19 test.

Fact: A positive, viral test indicates a real, current infection. The goal of the vaccine is to cause immunization, so you may test positive in some antibody tests.

Myth 3: I recovered from COVID-19 already, so I do not need to get vaccinated.

Fact: For multiple reasons, you need the vaccine even if you’ve had COVID-19.

Myth 4: The vaccine will alter my DNA.

Fact: The messenger RNA of the vaccine in no way alters or interacts with your DNA.

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